Neuromuscular Splint Technique

This technique was developed by Dr. Kim based on the mysterious three-way relationship among the TMJ (condyle) position--the Trigeminal nerve response to occlusal force-- development of symptoms.

When the Homeostatic state of TMJ balance is disturbed or distracted, the surrounding nerves and muscles will become irritated or damaged and symptoms may develop. In TMJ disorder, dental malocclusion is the source/cause, trigeminal nerve is the mediator/conductor, and symptoms are the manifestation/result.

If the splint is properly fabricated, delivered, and adjust occlusion up to 1/100 mm in precision, it lowers nerve activities, normalizes muscle tone, reduces the pressure to the discs, stabilizes the occlusion, and rehabilitates the TMJ into a symptom-free position.

The Neuromuscular Splint Technique is the technique that corrects the malocclusion precisely, establishes the TMJ(s) into a homeostatic state, and alleviate symptoms by utilizing a specific splint.

The efficacy of this technique is dramatic: symptoms begin to improve immediately after the splint treatment is started and reaches maximum medical improvement within 2-4 months.

Note: Dr. Kim has a TMJ Seminar Course teaching this technique to the dentists. You may review the following website:

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