Evaluation Of Efficacy

TMJ, Head & Neck Pain Center is equipped with state of the art equipment to do follow-up evaluation test for the efficacy of oral appliance therapy and long-term compliance.

Oximetry Test: Once oral device has been properly titrated and symptoms have improved, the oxygen level of the blood stream will be verified by having an overnight oximetry test.

ECCOVISION (Pharynogmeter/Rhynometer): this test is performed to evaluate the air flow through nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal airway. This testing is done at the consultation as well as at follow-up visits with the oral device in place.

ELECTRO-DIAGNOSTICS Test (Joint Vibration Analysis, Jaw Tracker, Electromyography): this testing detects any abnormal jaw joint movement, identifies specific types of TMJ dysfunction, and measures muscle tension. This testing is preformed to monitor the jaw and any TMJ disorders prior to receiving the oral device, during the treatment, and after the treatment to confirm the result.

3D AIRWAY IMAGING: 21st century technology made possible to record and detect structural abnormalities in the pharyngeal airway, the sinus cavity, and bone deformities in the jaw, head neck and TMJ region with 3D imaging.

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