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Posted On: 06/02/2014 To Whom It May Concern:

I have had a holistic health practice for twenty years and have worked with chiropractors for much of that time. During this time, I saw many clients suffering from TMJ. In the past, these clients used chiropractic and TMJ surgery with minimal positive results. In the past year, I have referred many people to Dr. Kim and have seen astounding results, without surgery. My clients are now free of foot pain, back pain, tennis elbow and headaches.

I also believe in metal free dentistry but have seen many thousands of dollars wasted by dentists using improper procedure or incompatible dental materials. I used to send my clients to an excellent dentist, in Laguna but again, in the past year, I sent every one of my clients seeking to improve the health of their mouth and body to Dr. Kim.

I find Dr. Kim highly honest, passionate, and knowledgeable. I don't know of any dentist in the area who has his expertise. Even my mother had her bite corrected and cosmetically enhanced by Dr. Kim. Her bone loss, coupled with dental procedure to remove toxic root canals and amalgams, made it impossible to chew food--even pasta--without pain. She lost weight because of her inability to chew. The dentist who removed her mercury and root canals couldn't find out why my mother had such pain in chewing. Dr. Kim showed her that she had only two points of contact in her mouth. He corrected that and her mouth is pain free. She also looks ten years younger with her pretty, reshaped teeth.

I would also like to add that his staff is always friendly and very helpful. I have never seen any sign of burnout at his office. I think that the amazing results seen in his office keep everyone enthusiastic.

So, you see, I highly recommend Dr. Kim and think he is a blessing.

Redlands, CA
Posted On: 06/02/2014 Dear Dr. Kim:

I want to thank you for restoring my health to an optimal level with your revolutionary new Phase One and Phase Two TMJ treatments.

My health began to go downhill in my early twenties after all four wisdom teeth were removed. Back pain and fatigue were the norm. Today, enlightened dentists would NOT remove a wisdom tooth but the one next to it. The dental arch wouldn't collapse, causing TMJ Problems!

My first visit to Dr. Kim was in February 1999. I had dizziness, headaches, bad circulation, lower back pain, could hands & feet, hay fever, head and neck pain. I wanted him to remove my amalgam silver fillings and replace them with composites.

At that first consultation, I received a hands-on education. Dr. Kim tested me with applied kinesioloy and showed how weak I truly was. He pressed certain places on my neck and shoulders and showed how much pain I was in, compensating for my TMJ, my poor jaw configuration and bite. I had fibromyalgia and didn't know it. My fatigue was largely caused by my need to carry my self structurally, using my neck muscles to hold up my head.

I learned than teeth were orthopedic devices as well as implements to chew food. The structure of the teeth and jaw set in motion the skeletal structure for right posture. And so I embarked on a program that cost me a fair amount of money yet saved me years of miserable living. Phase One lasted six months. Dr. Kim constructed a splint for me to wear. As my jaw and entire body shifted, he would adjust the splint. He spent hours with me.

Phase two consisted in removing and replacing the silver fillings and building up my lower teeth with crowns to match the splint. Even now, my jaw continues to shift. If I experience lower back pain, I come in, he tests me, shaves off a millimeter from a crown, tests me again--I'm strong--and no more back pain!

Thank You Dr. Kim

Yucca Valley, Ca
Posted On: 06/02/2014 To whom it may concern,

I had a serious fall from a horse, receiving serious injuries to combine with injuries received earlier in my life. I had been to many alternative healers. I had the mercury taken out of my teeth, and consulted with an environmental MD, I got better for awhile but then felt worse and could not get better. I went to DR. Kim on the recommendation of Jaque Smillie.

I had a debilitating backache, intestinal distress and acute fatigue. 2 hours after the splint was fitted by Dr. Kim, the back ache went away and I had a general feeling of well-being. 12 hours later the intestinal distress went away.

Posted On: 06/02/2014 During the past three years the pain in my feet had been, at times, almost unbearable.The onset of this problem was actually overnight with no relief. I went to see three medical doctors with no help whatsoever. I had blood test after blood test done and they all came back with normal results. I was beginning to feel very helpless and fearful that if this problem continued, with no diagnosis, I would not be able to walk in another five years.

October 1999 I was told about Dr. Kim and was anxious to make an appointment. After consulting with Dr. Kim and asking many questions the actual work in my mouth started around the later part of October and the work was finished in February 2000, except for visits for adjustment.

I can honestly tell you or anyone, that my feet do not hurt me! I can walk distances with no pain, whereas before I could hardly walk from my car into a store and my chores in the house were very exhausting, due to the constant pain. The pain would move from the balls of both feet, sometimes one foot worse then the other, to the heels of my feet. I feel stronger then I did before and also realized, when the work was finished that the ache I always had from the right side of my neck to my right shoulder was gone. I had had this problem for such a long time that I thought it was a natural ache of doing things and growing older!

I feel so fortunate to have been told of Dr. Kim, he is a wonderful person, in my book and the relief of constant pain certainly tells in my eye

Posted On: 06/02/2014 I had a continuous headache for several months. I went to general M D and was treated for acute sinusitis for seven months.

When I started going to Dr. Kim in September 1999, I was still suffering with daily headaches and TMJ Disorders.

The pain from the TMJ improved immediately and the headaches continued to improve.

I have not taken any sinus medication for the last six months. At this point I would say my headaches are ninety per cent improved.

Posted On: 06/02/2014 August 20.2001

Dr. Deron J Ohtani, Chairman
American Dental Association
Chicago, IL 60611-2678

Dear Dr. Ohtani:

As a 59 year old patient who has suffered from craniofacial and neck pain, I would like to urge your association to recognize the Academy of Craniofacial Pain with full rights as a specialty field.

I have sought relief and medical help from many physicians, therapists, chiropractors, and dentists for ongoing pain resulting from multiple head and neck traumas over the past four decades. This summer, after being referred to Dr. Chun Kim D.D.S.,F.A.C.P., I have obtained immediate, substantial, and astonishing relief in less than five weeks of treatment.

My personal physician, dentist, and chiropractor are all extremely interested in dialoging and training with Dr. Kim, which has already begun. I am grateful for their receptivity in recognizing the need to expand their expertise beyond the traditional¬Ě modes of healing.

In order to be better prepared for the 21st century by providing the best possible care of patients in the medical and dental fields, I urge you to recognize the vital contributions and advancements being made by the members of the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain.

Palm Springs,CA
Posted On: 06/02/2014 Dr. Deron J Ohtani, Chairman
Council on Dental Education and Licensure
c/o Mrs Judy Nix, Director
American Dental Association
211 E. Chicago Ave.
Chicago, IL 60611-2678

My history around my dental health has been long and involved. After hearing my dentist, Dr. Steve Lynch in Chicago, suggest for many years that I should have braces, I went to see Dr. Antonio Maoloni, also in Chicago. My orthodontia work took much longer than the 2 1/2 years anticipated-my braces finally were removed shortly before the four year mark.

Shortly after starting the orthodontia work, I started a series of problems starting with severe headaches, sinus problems and eye infections. I went through the traditional route and received many medications to treat the symptoms, but it wasn't until I started see Dr. Dane Shepherd, an osteopath also in Chicago, that I realized that my maladies were related to my braces. Through Dr. Shepherd, I started to see Dr. David Marcus who also understood the relationship of braces to other problems. Dr. Shepherd treated me with cranial-sacral manipulation, acupuncture and homeopathy. My problems continued, but I started to feel better.

I finally completed my orthodontia treatment and continued to periodically wear my retainer. I changed my cranial sacral work to a chiropractor Dr. Wood Weller in River Forest, which gave me relief for a short time. But I needed to see him on a regular basis to release the places in my neck and cranial that would bring on headaches. I also had severe lower back pain and sore knees.

I moved to Southern California sixteen months ago and through my allergist, I heard about Dr. Kim. I also regularly met with my chiropractor to continue the release of my neck, knees and cranial; I also bought five pairs of orthotic shoes to enable me to walk without pain. I first went to Dr. Kim as my dentist and he tested me with muscle testing to see if I had temporomandibular joint problems. I tested very weak and I was fitted for a splint.

Through regular adjustments and removal of my orthotic shoes, I made progress. I no longer have knee pain or foot pain. My lower back pain is gone. My chiropractor was amazed at my progress and went to see Dr. Kim for her TMJ problems. I finished the use of the splint and Dr. Kim built up my teeth to the proper bite through the use of two crowns and four bondings.

The work done by Dr. Kim is very different, but effective. Please recognize this area in the medical and dental communities. I found it very interesting that I had TMJ since my orthodontist, Dr. Maoloni, was teaching about TMJ at the local school of dentistry and was known as expert.

Posted On: 06/02/2014
My name is D.J. I have been a patient of Dr. Kim since January 2000.

I have had severe golfers and tennis elbow for over three years on my right elbow. I have gone to the doctor, who gave me a total of four cortisone shots (two in the upper part of my elbow, and tow in the lower part of my elbow), none of these did any good. He took x-rays and referred me to an orthopedic surgeon. He gave me another cortisone shot and suggested I go to physical therapy. I did this for two 6-weeks sessions; my elbow still felt the same. They said I need not use it so it could heal, or have surgery but I would be lucky to regain 90% of its use. I tried magnets and massage therapy; nothing made it feel better. I couldn't pick up anything with my right arm. I couldn't even pick up a coke and bend my arm to drink it.

Then I heard bout Dr. Kim. After meeting Dr. Kim. He explained what he felt he could do to help my elbow. My husband and I talked about it and decided to give it a try. I didn't want surgery. Dr. Kim put the first splint on my bottom teeth in January 2000. The first week was amazing. Already I felt every penny was worth it. He did tell me it would get worse before it gets better and it did, but now I feel as if I'm on the right track. My arm is at least 75% better than it has been in 3 years. I can use it now. It still bothers me at times especially if I do too much, but over all its so much better. Before I had a constant pain and was very weak. Not any more.

It's amazing to know that your jaw alignment would have anything to do with this. Looking back and remembering, shortly before my elbow started bothering me I had fallen and broke my tailbone.

I am so thankful for Dr. Kim. I know we have a ways to go before its close to 100% but I will stick this out as long as I need to. I know the cortisone shots did a lot of damage also and it's going to take time. I am very thankful I don't have the constant hurt anymore.

Please feel free to give me a call anytime to talk about my progress

Posted On: 06/02/2014 Dr. Kim:

This letter is the least I can do to show the everlasting appreciation I have, for the gift you Have given me.

For the last 12 years I have been in constant pain, in the left neck shoulder area, due to an unfortunate accident that occurred while playing on a trampoline. I have since, been to doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, the list goes on. No one was ever able, to offer any lasting relief to this very distracting and quite uncomfortable pain, I was living with. Then one day I was blessed enough to meet Dr. Kim. He informed me that the problem was in my mouth and that he was able to correct it, with his special¬Ě correction process. I had him do the treatment and every since he finished I have had no pain in my neck and left upper shoulder, like before. It has been 2 years and all is well. Dr. Kim, I will be forever grateful.


Posted On: 06/02/2014 THE WHITE HOUSE

August 11, 1997

Warm greetings to everyone attending the 13th annual international symposium of the American Academy of Head, Neck and Facial Pain.

Today, promising new techniques for treating pain are providing more hope for patients than ever before. I commend the members of the American Academy of Head, Neck and Facial Pain for your dedicated efforts to ensure that the latest of these developments are immediately available to the health care community.

I salute the Fellows and Diplomates of the Academy for your commitment to improving the quality of life of people who suffer from head, neck and facial pain. Your work is a vital component of our nation's high-quality health care system, and you can take pride in your important contributions to its success.

Best wishes for a productive meeting.

President, Bill Clinton
President Bill C
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